On A Clear Day, Baby…

I’ll dispense with my usual “Take A Hike” blatherings, in large part because today’s trek was at Runyon Canyon Park, and there’s little I can add to what I assume most might know about this popular piece of off-leash dogpark open space just a couple blocks up from Hollywood Boulevard. Suffice it to say there are tons of people with tons of dogs, and some of the most glorious views of the L.A. basin, such as the panorama below that I cobbled together from five snaps taken from the lowest of the three vista points found in the park’s 130 acres (click on it for a pop-up window for a much larger version).

13 thoughts on “On A Clear Day, Baby…”

  1. BTW I love your “Take a Hike” series! I did the Ferndell path a couple of weeks ago. Today I’m going to check out the last one you posted (the one off of Canyon Dr.)

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. I was planning on taking the Bronson Caves hike today but was worried about the muddy paths. Should I have taken that hike today?

  3. Awesome panorama. If I may make a suggestion, you should either shoot with manual exposure (and not adjust it after the first shot) or use auto exposure lock, if your camera has either feature, so that everything looks consistent all the way across. That plus a 30% overlap between adjacent shots should ensure that any decent panorama stitching software will produce a seamless panorama.

  4. is has been TOO long since I have been up to Runyon…thanx for the fix it is absolutely amazing!!

  5. Thanks for the awesome feedback from all, and the panorama making tips Hooks. The snaps were all auto exposure (but no lock; not sure if my camera has that). As to panorama stitching software, that must be nice… I merely cut and pasted the shots into Photoshop and overlapped ’em manually.

  6. Nikon bundles Panorama Maker with their cameras, so I guess I incorrectly assumed all major camera manufacturers do the same. But there are better programs available. I’ve heard good things about Panorama Factory, and Panorama Tools is an excellent (though complicated) freeware Photoshop plug-in, especially on the PC when used in conjunction with the PTLens plug-in (which isn’t actually for making panoramas, but for correcting barrel/pincushion distortion).


  7. The best “local” blogs help you to feel like you’ve paid a visit to the neighborhood, & this pic makes me want to get on a ‘plane right now. The ice-storm on the east-coast sucks, & L.A. always looks so good from the hills!!

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