2? no 3?


Putting in 10 hour + days at artLA can work up quite an appetite. However, it’s in Santa Monica which might as well be Karachi as far as I know. Luckily we were tipped off to a little heath food store that makes sandwiches and that worked out great on Thursday. Well, for the most part – Caryn and I ordered the same thing but she wanted onions, I didn’t. Both sandwiches came sans-onion. No biggie really.

Yesterday when I went for lunch I decided I was going to get Caryn her onions. So I place the order…
Me: Two avocado sandwiches
guy: OK
Me: One with onions, one without
guy: OK, so three total sandwiches?
Me: No. Two sandwiches. One with just avocado and one with avocado AND onions.
guy: right, two avocado one onion. three total.
Me: NO! Only Two.
guy: ?
Me: Look.. one sandwich I want to have avocado AND onions, just on that one sandwich – the other JUST avocado.
guy: AH! OK.

He made the sandwiches and I took them back to the art fair, where we found we had two avocado sandwiches, neither with any onion.

5 thoughts on “2? no 3?”

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get your sandwiches, but I sympathize with the guy. Sometimes your brain just refuses to take orders! ;-)

  2. Thanks for recommending. We had a great time and your booth looked great; the Rachell Sumpter paintings were right at my eyeline (tricky of you!)

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