about_pic.jpg While missing the opportunity to be truly 1337 — why not 5 for the letter S? Hell, why not |\||_||\/||}3|2$? — the new CBS show NUMB3RS premiered last weekend, and settles into a Friday night slot tonight. This is cool for a couple of reasons. First, it’s the only weeknight without either SVU or one of the CSI programs. But more especially, because it’s set in L.A.

Basically, the show is “A Beautiful Mind” (be sure to play “Catch the Prismatic Light Allusions”) meets “Law & Order” — minus the schizophrenia of the former and the doink-doink sound of the latter. And who knew mathematics was so hot? But the fun part is spotting the local locations and references.

Oh, and in the premiere, they track a serial killer down to part of Silver Lake, which, as everybody knows, is central. ;)

9 thoughts on “NUMB3RS”

  1. I can’t help but be skeptical. The promos were so labored. “PEOPLE OF AMERICA! DO NOT FEAR THE MATH! THE MATH CAN CATCH BAD GUYS!”

    Great cast, though.

  2. Live by the numbers die by the numbers. Nielsen dictates it will be yanked for being…boring.


  3. Did it really do that poorly in the ratings? That would be a bad sign, indeed, since it had a big football game as a lead-in for the premiere.

    On a side note, later this year Numb3rs co-star David Krumholtz will appear in the film Serenity (yeah, I realize he’s been in lots of other things, but I’m really looking forward to Serenity).

    Not fearing the math.

  4. The show actually did damn well in the ratings “With over 24.9 million views, the Sunday night special series debut of NUMB3RS tallied the most watched drama debut since 1994. This debut delivered even more viewers than Desperate Housewives.” Tonight was the time period premiere.

  5. Ah, so the football worked its ratings magic after all.

    FWIW, I thought the second episode was better than the premiere, but this show hasn’t really grabbed me yet. I know it’s only been two episodes, but so far I think it fails to promise character or story threads that will pull viewers from week to week and not just within a single episode. I’ll continue to give it a chance, though, even if the math on the show may was well be magic spells.

  6. the coolest part was pausing on the maps and seeing my house in the hotzone, while choppers happened to be flying around the neighbourhood…. and thinking, maybe I was the killer!

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