Not Sexual Healing….Well Maybe a Little

For a long time Iíve wavered between being firmly entrenched in the physical/material world and drifting over to the other more ephemeral, spiritually enlightened hemisphere.
No, Iím not ready to give up the big career, the house, the material lifeÖyetÖbut I figure, why not be open to everything this experience on earth has to offer? And living in this fast-paced, crazy-ass cityÖa sense of balance can sometimes be hard to come by. So when a friend gave me a birthday present last month of an energy healing session, I was psyched. Maybe a tad skeptical, (what is ëenergy healingí anyway?) but why not? Who couldnít use a little healing now and then?

So I made an appointment with Kate Rodgers, the energy healer and wow! Iím not a skeptic anymore. She did this wonderful, super relaxing, guided session with me that included a lot of breathing, some wonderful healing essential oilsÖshe uses many different techniques in her work but the plant, mineral and animal medicine healing oils rocked, and I swear some of the visions I had WERE truly phenomenal! In talking to her afterward she discussed with me how in the shamanistic medicine world everything is thought to have a specific vibrationÖ. so she works with each persons multiple modalities to bring a healing force to them. I have to admit it was a wonderful Öand yesÖ a really rich, healing experience!!! I highly recommend checking it out if youíve got a couple of hours and want to shift your energy around. You can reach Kate at 310-450-4561; she charges $125, the session lasts about an hour and a half.

5 thoughts on “Not Sexual Healing….Well Maybe a Little”

  1. *groan* this is why LA sucks so bad. If you want to move beyond the materialistic why don’t you get your lazy ass out of your house and go do some work with the Peace Corps…

    I swear, I’m SO frigging done with this city and the boobs living in it.

  2. Being a straight male, I for one am not tired of boobs in this city. They might get saggy later on in life, and probably get a few stretch marks but… oooh, those kind of boobs. Yeah, quacks make a fortune out of people with too much money and not enough sensibility.

  3. Here’s the thing….life is an EXPERIENCE….and I’m just reporting on a very beautiful, transformative experience I had. If something moves you…don’t you think it’s worth sharing?
    See, I figure it’s easy to just label something that sounds out of your realm of experience as bogus…or a quack….but before you condemn, consider this: Quantum physics supports this whole ‘moving of energy around’ theory. It’s the only thing that doesn’t change, just transforms (energy that is). And history has shown that foreign ideas or even ways of life that are ‘different’ are targeted as irrelevant or fake. I say keep an open mind to everything that’s out there. You might just have some fun!!!

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