LA’s Finest Can’t Leave Me Alone

I got pulled over tonight for the second time in a week. No whining about the injustice of it all…I had a headlight out and was not surprised. The first time, five days ago, the officer who gave me what he called a “fix-it ticket” said I had until March 3rd to get it fixed. “Cool,” I thought. “That’ll give me time to get the manual and venture into the world of auto hacking.”

Except tonight, when I got pulled over, and immediately handed the officer my license and the ticket, he told me that I was supposed to get it fixed 48 hours after the first citation. WTF? Can’t they even get their stories straight? Fortunately, he let me go without hitting my with what I’m sure would be a stiff fine.

But you can bet you boots that after drinking 1 glass of wine with dinner tonight, I waited an extra-special amount of time before driving home.

So this weekend, if you see a confused guy on a Silverlake street, peering quizzically at the disassembled headlight of a yellow Beetle, that’ll be me.

4 thoughts on “LA’s Finest Can’t Leave Me Alone”

  1. Jay I’ve got faith in your disassembly abilities, but don’t stress about the entire headlight, just the bulb (g’head and kick me if I’m telling you stuff you already know). My guess if it’s half as easy as replacing the bulb in my seven-year old Nissan, it’s just a matter of popping the hood and removing the bulb socket with a twist and a pull from the back of the headlight’s assembly. I can also recommend the nearby Auto Zone store at the Virgil/Hollywood/Sunset convergence. They’ve got a good stock of replacement bulbs, and it shouldn’t run more than a few bucks. Good luck!

  2. dude, i hope it isn’t a new beetle and the driver’s side light cuz you have to remove the battery. in that case, just take it to the dealer. if it’s an older one, then you got it made.

  3. Y’know Jay, I know you can do it…..but if you get stuck, I’ve always found that the guys at pep boys (when you go in the store, the ones in the shop are surly) are full of helpful info and one time a guy actually came out and showed me how to do something.
    Good luck!

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