Jury Duty??

Does anyone know anything about reporting for Jury Duty? This post is going to make me look extremely retarded but I don’t have much other choice at the moment. In December I got a Jurry Summons and called in as requested – I was told I had to call back on or after Jan 28th for details about reporting on Monday the 31st. So I out the summons somewhere where I wouldn’t lose it and made big notes to call back on the 28th. Which is today, and I can’t find the summons anywhere. Trust me, I’ve looked. So I found this page but there’s no helpful info if you don’t have all the ID numbers from the summons. Likewise with the automated lines listed there. After 20 minutes of clicking the “I don’t have my summons” option I finally got to the directions for reporting monday, which are something along the lines of “if your summons says you are in groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 86, 92 then you need to report to XXX at XXX, if you are in groups 6, 7, 8… etc.” Well, yeah, I don’t have the summons so I don’t know what group I’m in. This is a major nightmare….

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  1. I’m also called for jury duty on Monday (downtown criminal courts).

    I put my service off from my initial summons back in August and they sent me a confirmation. Do you have either the original or the confirmation?

    If you don’t know you’re group number, you might be forced to show up. If you’re going downtown, do you want a ride (of course the free parking is only if you show the garage folks your summons)?

  2. Here’s what happened to me: they sent me the summons, which told me to call 5 days in a row and find out if my group needs to report for jury duty. I forgot to call on the last day, and sure enough, my group was called to jury duty. Since I obviously didn’t show up, they sent me another notice, saying I’ve been assigned to a later trial. Well, the language was a little more threatening, but that’s basically it.

    So if your group was called in and you don’t show, you’ll just have to make it up at a later date (I think it was around two months later).

    (And after two days, I was not selected to be on the jury panel, and my term was over.)

  3. Jury duty sounds a lot like Involuntary servitude. A person is made to serve under threat, is paid beans and is thanked. The pay is a joke, and the counsel, and judges are paid consistent with their time. A persons time should be compensated with what they actually are worth. The court system set this up so you can facilitate their work.

  4. It’s called government of the people, for the people and by the people. I agree its a pain in the ass, but does US citizenship really ask that much of us.

    I try to look at it as fun. You get to meet interesting people who you probably wouldn’t meet ordinarily, and then you get to send ’em to the slammer. Or if you’re on one ofthe special juries, you can send ’em to the chair.

  5. I’m with Jay. I don’t mind it. This’ll be my fourth time in twelve years.

    I do like seeing the system and they have really improved it – the whole one day/one sworn trial with the on-call system is a blessing. They also allowed me to reset my time twice before this one, so I found the whole system rather accomodating.

    I prefer the municipal court to downtown (just because of the commute), but I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in that area during my lunch breaks.

  6. “I try to look at it as fun. You get to meet interesting people who you probably wouldn’t meet ordinarily, and then you get to send ’em to the slammer. Or if you’re on one ofthe special juries, you can send ’em to the chair.” –and the best part is, if you say that, you’re out fast ;-) heh.

  7. I’m summonsed for the week of the 31st too. Group 10. Thanks for reminding me. I have to call …
    I do not have to report for service on Monday!

  8. I went, I was called for two panels – was not picked for one and the second ended up with a continuance so I am now “dismissed with the thanks for the court.”

    I had a good time taking photos of the Disney Concert Hall while I was on my lunch break.

  9. I didn’t mind jury duty at all. I never thought I’d feel proud of civic duty, but I was surprised to find that I did. They aren’t all that strict with it, and it really isn’t that much of your time. The pay is there as a token, not an indication of what your time is worth. Unlike counsel and judge, you didn’t have to go through years of law school to serve jury. I think the new one-trial system is a vast improvement from the old system, and it’s always interesting to see how the judicial system works.

    I was called on the same day as Bill Poon, so that was fun to have a friend to lunch with. It’s like a bLA jury duty buddy system going here!

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