Run Your Car off of Used Vegetable Oil!

For real! (written by Joz’s friend professoreric)

Shameless family plug timeÖ My cousin David is in town doing a lecture on converting your car to guzzle french-fry oil instead of evil fossil fuelÖ
Want to run your car off of Used Vegetable Oil?

Join David Rosenstrauss, founder of the Fossil Free Fuel Conversion Collective, as he leads a workshop on how to convert diesel automobiles to run off of used vegetable oil. This hand on workshop showcases the environmental benefits, political ramifications, and science behind the conversion process. People interested in having David Rosenstrauss convert their diesel automobile are encouraged to contact the organizers for more information.

Conversion Workshop ñ Jan 29, 2005
Noon ñ 5PM

Southern California Institute of Architecture
960 E Third St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Matthew Ruscigno (323) 992-8598, [email protected]
Steven Kim, (213) 219-0858, [email protected]

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