regional cost of cars

I discovered that I haven’t had car insurance for the last two weeks. D’oh – that’s what a deep postal-mail antipathy will get you. Surprises.

So I went to re-register for car insurance. My old carrier from Northern California directed me to a Southern California provider. Fine. I gave out all my information to the sales agent, including my mailing address at the University of Southern California.

The initial estimate came down the line. For my particulars, $3000 a year for auto insurance. Holy smokes! I remarked. That’s amazing. The price of living amidst car culture, I wondered?

Then I realized that I should give him my home address, in Culver City. He re-ran the numbers. Same particulars, different zip code – my car insurance estimate went down to $2000.

It blew my mind! USC is in a poor neighborhood, and people driving cars there are paying more. $1000 more in this case! Hard to work your way out from under that.

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  1. Yep, your zip code here DOES impact how much you pay in car insurance. If you’re residing in an area with higher crime rates, insurance companies think you’re more likely to get your car stolen, broken into or vandalized.

    But at the same time if you live in a really high end neighborhood/zip code it can be a little more expensive on your car insurance cause there’s assumed to be a higher number of high-end vehicles there…thus meaning more vehicles that thieves would like to get their hands on and a greater liklihood of theft. So you can be screwed either way.

  2. I can hardly blame them. My car was vandalized in USC’s PSX giving the insurance company a nice $1000 bill on top of my deductible (But I didn’t exactly shop around since nobody was going to get it under the deductible). People can talk nice about South L.A. all they want but it’s still South L.A. I feared for my life walking outside at night before I moved to West Hollywood. YESTERDAY I got a crime alert about someone being robbed at gunpoint down there. Being a USC student should be grounds for a concealed carry permit.

  3. The actually base the rates on frequency of claims within the area code of your home. So, in places with more accidents and crime, they charge more for the insurance assuming that you are more likely to file a claim…

  4. i’d really love to see some stats on how insurance rates vary with region of LA. any suggestions? is there some alcove of perceived security somewhere? (maybe playa del rey…?) how does one find out this sort of information short of lots of phone calls to insurance companies?

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