Injured Train Passenger Scrawls Message In Blood

A fire captain came across a message written in blood on the seat of one of the trains involved in yesterday’s disaster. The man who left the message, identified only as “John,” was rescued and is expected to recover.

‘Los Angeles City Fire Captain Bob Rossaro said the exact text of the message was difficult to determine. “He wrote it in his own blood, and what he wrote is, I love my kids, and I love my wife,” said Rossaro.’

What would you say if you were in “John’s” shoes?

Casts our previous post in a new light, eh? If you can, please do go donate — if not blood, then some other way.

7 thoughts on “Injured Train Passenger Scrawls Message In Blood”

  1. Hey Great idea on the relief fund — I have set up a paypal account and we will publicize it widely as soon as we have confirmation of how funds can be distributed to those who may need assistance with medical care or, sadly, burial expenses. In the meantime, please give blood or unrestricted donations to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund.

  2. Thanks to the outpouring from everyone–Josh may post something longer, but I wanted to make sure folks knew we have set up a relief fund with a PayPal account (while we finalize with the City of Los Angeles web site a more permanent mechanism) on my blog at

    Thanks to the metrobloggers for their suggestion about setting this up. We will ensure that this money goes where it is most needed (we have been talking to the Red Cross and some of the other agencies involved today).

    Eric Garcetti

  3. Right on Eric Garcetti!!!
    It’s wonderful that you and your office read and respond to things going on…
    Many thanks for having a heart and working to make this city run…..

  4. Now this is the reason why i’ve enjoyed reading the LA bloggers more so than here in SF. You writers always find a way to get your audience involved. Well done! Oh…and lets keep this between us. Thanks.

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