Incident on Santa Monica Blvd.

This morning on the way to work Santa Monica Blvd. was shut down between Bronson Ave and Gower St.

Traffic was diverted for westbound folks north up Bronson and eastbound cars were diverted either way on Gower.

All I saw were two fire trucks. Orange cones and a parking enforcement car marked the east edge of the diversion, but I saw no officials anywhere. There were plenty of bystanders on Santa Monica Blvd across from the strip mall there next to Hollywood Forever (which seems to be the west boundary of whatever the incident is). So whatever it was, they’re not letting cars near it, but people are free to come and go.

Does anyone know what’s going on (there are no helicopters, which is really odd)? And does anyone know a good web source to find out these things?

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  1. According to this morning’s TV news, there was a pedestrian fatality on Santa Monica Blvd. around there. My normal commute takes me down Fountain and Vine, so I was glad the news mentioned it, although it’s always sad to hear of any violent death.

  2. Thanks Mike. What terrible news.

    That stretch of SM is problematic – the entire length between Van Ness & Gower (a third of a mile) has no pedestrian crossings. There’s a WIC office there at the end of the busy strip mall – the only thing they have is a yellow light that blinks that there are pedestrians crossing but no actual crosswalk for them.

    Of course crosswalks are no guarantee. Employees here at Paramount fought for many years to get them on Melrose and still a young man was killed last year when he was hit by two different cars while he was crossing.

  3. 2 kids were hit by a car. I believe one later died at the hospital. not sure if they were in a crosswalk or not.

  4. Okay, I learned a little more…here’s some wire copy:

    A 10-year-old girl died at a hospital today after being struck by a car as she and a friend tried to cross a Hollywood street, a police officer said.
    Her companion, a 9-year-old girl, remained in critical condition, Officer Ursula Guillory said.
    Guillory said the driver was being held for manslaughter.
    Paramedics were called to the scene in the 5800 block of Santa Monica Boulevard about 7:45 a.m., said Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department.
    A third person suffered minor injuries, Humphrey said.

    Just FYI I drive that same stretch of Santa Monica to work each day, albeit in the afternoons. There’s a long stretch between Van Ness and I think El Centro without a light, and people jaywalk constantly, from the corner on the east side of Hollywood Forever next to the strip mall. I’ve seen several accidents cause people walk out into the street despite oncoming traffic and cars will slam on their breaks to not hit them and get rear ended.

  5. I’m so glad to finally find out what made me late to work today! I’ve been driving that stretch twice a day for 5 years. It was also closed when I tried to come back home tonight at 9. Thanks for the info.

  6. Actually the 9pm closure was for something completely unrelated. At 4:30pm LAPD had a brief pursuit with 2 carjacking suspects who opened fire on officers at Santa Monica and Kingsley/Hobart. Officers returned fire. One suspect hit and transported, the other arrested. But any time there’s an OIS (officer involved shooting) the officers set up a several block perimeter for investigative purposes so that couple blocks of Santa Monica was probably closed for at least 5 hours.

    Yeah, kinda strange such a small stretch of one Hollywood street has 2 major events like that within a 12 hour span.

  7. For all those who were interested in the whole story of what happened, there was a more thorough write-thru in the wires tonight:

    An 8-year-old girl who died in a traffic collision after she was hit by a car on Santa Monica Boulevard was identified today, and the driver was arrested for suspicion of manslaughter, according to police.
    The accident occurred at Santa Monica Boulevard and Tamarind Avenue at 7:45 a.m. yesterday as a woman, Maria Gonzales, 48, her 9-year-old daughter, and Seily Rodriguez, an 8-year-old neighbor’s daughter, were hit by a car driven by Viviana Galaviz, 32, police said.
    The woman and the two girls began to cross Santa Monica going south when the driver of a white panel van pulled into the intersection from Tamarind Avenue, police said.
    The van driver had intended to turn left to head east on Santa Monica Boulevard, but stopped to wave the woman and two girls through.
    When they reached the eastbound lanes of Santa Monica Boulevard, they were struck by a 2000 Saturn sedan driven by Galaviz, police said.
    Gonzalez and her daughter were treated for abrasions. Seily Rodriguez died from her injuries, police said.
    It was discovered that Galaviz was driving with a suspended driver’s license, police said. She was booked for suspicion of felony manslaughter.
    Anyone with more information about the collision was asked to call (213) 473-0234 or (877) 529-3855 nights or weekends.

    What I don’t get is the felony manslaughter charge for the driver. She didn’t flee the scene, wasn’t under the influence, and did not intentionally strike the peds. Sounds like just a tragic accident where they walked out from behind a vehicle that obscured them. So her license was suspended…that doesn’t seem like THAT huge a deal to warrant the charge of felony manslaughter. That’s some serious jail time…for what seems like just a tragic accident.

  8. I am irate. The children were crossing to go to school (there is an elementary school located at that corner) I have been calling, writing, and emailing the LADOT and City Council for over a year asking for safer conditions at our school intersections. While my children attend a different school, this could have easily happened to one of mine. LADOT does NOTHING to insure the safety of our children in these scary LA streets!!! The signs are old and faded and LADOT feels they are just fine. I hope the mothers sue the city. We should have not only more crosswalks, but they should have photo-enforced red-lights at every school intersection, along with speed bumps, more signs, and more crossing guards. SOMEONE explain to me why our CITY COUNCIl and LADOT continue to ignore us on this? They claim that car collisions must occur in order to merit traffic changes. ABSURD.

  9. By the way, Eliza, this was a school intersection. Although I feel it is the city’s responsibility to protect children walking to school, it is ALSO the responsiblity of drivers to adhere to speed limits and other traffic laws. The woman must not have been a very responsible driver to be operating a vehicle with a suspended liscence. I am sure that she is very sorry, but if this was your child, I feel confident that you would also want irresponsible drivers kept off of the road.

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