Life Imitates Art…

One thing that came to mind, when hearing about this morning’s tragic train derailment, was the season opener of 24, which eerily opened with a train derailment that caused by a vehicle that was also deliberately left on the tracks.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either, as the pilot episode of 24 opened with a jet airliner bombing. In fact, “FOX demanded the producers cut out an exterior shot of the 747 exploding…” due to 9/11.

2 thoughts on “Life Imitates Art…”

  1. But the car in 24 was loaded with explosives, which thankfully is not the case here.

    However, I did immediately think of 24 when I first saw this story.

  2. Indeed, I was the effects artist that worked on that shot over and over. No matter how small we made the plane and the explosion, there was no way to remove the impact of the recent event and so the shot was cut completely.

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