Whole Food Tueday


She and I use to “hang out” alot together. We laughed and smiled for three months and I was a pretty happy guy. She happen to be a vegan and consequently, my exposure to a meatless diet has been pretty all right. My latest kick is the vanilla flavored soy milk which is kinda cool because my adventures of dropping a dookie is less aggravating than having to have drinked pasturized milk. Normally I go to Whole Foods to find my new favorite beverage but heres another reason to shop there now…particularly tomorrow.

Whole Foods Market will donate five percent of its global sales on Tuesday, January 25 as seed money to establish the Animal Compassion Foundation…”

My vegan friend eventually moved to Colorado. Consequently, we don’t see each other anymore. She also stopped being a vegan. Me, I’ve still been eating pretty all right.