The lamest awards show in town

Actors rank just below chewed gum in this town, and if you don’t believe me, all you have to do is look at the mouse type under the movie ads this time of year.

Where the members of “good” alphabet soup orgs. (AMPAS, DGA, WGA, etc.) are generally invited to see a film in up for one of their awards in a Real, Live Multiplex, invitations to SAG members (aside from those select few on the nominating committee) are few and far between.

I did get a free pass from Fox Searchlight to see Sideways (seen it, thanks) in the participating theatre (sic) of my choice, but mostly, if anything, we get invited to special (read: inconvenient) screenings with the other food chain plankton.

I don’t know what financial genius at SAG decided that us having our own stupid awards show was a good idea, anyway, but this year–and every year until the playing field is equalized–I’m sitting things out. I mean, seriously–watch a movie with a bunch of other actors?

I’d rather chew used gum.

4 thoughts on “The lamest awards show in town”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, us editors in MPEG are only admitted to AMC theatres.

    So, does it?

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