foul fowl

I know I’m a little late on this, but there are an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 birds that have run into oil slicks after the recent storms. When the birds are found, they are taken to the The International Bird Rescue Research Center for clean up. The cool thing is that you can help — call 1-800-228-4544 and say, “flip me the bird”

No wait, that’s not right, say “I want to volunteer cleaning hurt birds”

Found an oiled bird? Call: (562) 342-7222

UPDATE: I stand corrected. Oren points out that only those with experience in handling a oiled bird need apply at this point, but you can still receive training for future spills.

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  1. Actually, a friend called Friday night, and they told him that they had too many volunteers and were turning away people who weren’t specifically trained in cleaning birds. They said the number of birds coming in was dropping, so they (the humans) would be okay. But anyone can get the training with future spills in mind – the website in the original post has details on that.

  2. They are always taking donations too – money, towels and vanilla Ensure (they feed it to the recovering birds).

    At my whale class last week they were talking about how the center was set up to deal with just such an emergency and this was the first time they were put to use.

    The sad news is that many of the birds, even though they’ve been cleaned, still didn’t make it.

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