44 Starbucks!

Wow… 44 by my house, 30 by the gallery downtown. I’m sure that’s nothing on people who live more westside. What’s your Starbucks Density?

“Go to the Starbucks locator and put in your address to find out your Starbucks density (accept the default 5-mile radius and then scroll to the bottom of the search listings and find the “Showing 1-20 of xxx Stores” text).

The world record so far is 170 in Manhattan.

My office is at 86 SBD* and my home is a 46 (which latter number is a little surprising, given the nice-but-not-that-nice nature of my neighborhood). Both of those are right on the lake, so think of all those imaginary Starbuckses that would exist if only there was land there. Or let your mind range free — boat-based Starbuckses! Sealab-style underwater coffee! (via Chicago Metblog via Kottke.org)

14 thoughts on “44 Starbucks!”

  1. You think Malibu is all high end? Me and some guy in a Kansas corn field have got to be the only people in the country with a work SBD of 1.

  2. san pedro has an sbd of 7, technically, but there are only 4 actually in san pedro and two of those are inside grocery stores. wr’re holding them back!!

  3. Results at 5 miles = 2.

    I expanded the search radius out to 50 Miles and the results didn’t change, still 2.

    Yep, it’s official Ridgecrest is definately within smelling distance of the end of the world.

  4. 14 by my house in N. Long Beach
    15 by my work in Covina
    23 by my wife’s work in Redondo Beach
    5 by old house in Murrieta
    12 by my birthplace Quezon City in the Philippines
    …I wouldn’t think a place in the Philippines would have more than any city I’ve lived in in SoCal.

  5. I do have to add though that I would not drive 5 miles to go to Starbucks. The most would be 2 miles (which is the minimum miles you can pick from their store locator) and so that would bring down the number to two for where I live, or one if you don’t count the one inside the Albertsons.

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