Worst Buy…

Dear Best Buy…

I just tried calling your West Hollywood store, inquiring about MP3 players, and was bounced around so many departments and put on hold so many times that my head started spinning. I was even bounced over to Loss Prevention… twice! WTF?!

So I just tried calling your Culver City store, and have been on hold for over twenty thirty minutes. And adding insult to injury is a looping track of “Hey, thanks for holding. We appreciate your call.” Oh really?! Fuck it, I just hung up.

How the fuck do you expect me to shop at your fine brick and mortar establishments when none of your employees don’t give a rat’s ass and won’t answer the fucking phone?

And here I was thinking that Fry’s had horrible customer service.

Way to go, ass-clowns!

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  1. is this blog now just for whining? you mean you called a large box store, got put on hold & bounced around? shocking!!

  2. I was in Best Buy a week or so ago, and I asked a youngish employee where the Playstation 2’s were. He looked at me like I had asked if they sold alien babies, and then had to consult a fellow employee before telling me they were out of stock and had no idea when they’d have more. If you come across a Playstation 2 in any of your Best Buy journeys, let me know…

  3. Best Buy and Fry’s seem to be founded on the “we don’t offer any customer service, so we can pass on the savings to you” model. Obviously, this model is not without its flaws. I vaguely remember commercials when Best Buy first arrived in SoCal where the “no salespeople, no commissions” concept was even pushed as a feature. Does anyone else remember this?

    By the way, that tiny, sexy PS2 has been in crazy short supply since before Christmas. I ended up buying one at a smaller video game store, where they were only letting it go as part of a bundle. I’d guess that in the next couple few weeks more units may trickle into stores absent of the holiday shoppers and/or returners to snap them up. If I do find any, I’ll make mention of it.

  4. I’ve had that same experience of 30 minutes on hold with the “Your call is important to us” recording. Apparently not that important. Best Buy is quite possibly the worst retail establishment EVER! The few times that I’ve gone there, I’ve always left angry. I’ve told managers, “All I wanted to do was come here and give you money, but you make it so fucking hard!” Managers have actually said to me, “You know, I hear that from a lot of customers.”

    Apathetic staff, difficult to find anything, slow (short) lines…what good is a low price if you can’t buy the item? My brother gave me a Best Buy gift card for Christmas. I smiled and thanked him very much. I won’t use it, though, because I will *never* go to Best Buy again!

  5. I hate to be the PC jerk here, but why go to best buy anyway? You can find that stuff at a ton of smaller and non Wall Mart-esque stores in Los Angeles. If you want personal treatment, stop patronizing huge evil establishments. Sorry guys, but someone had to say it.

  6. Koga, it would make me neither happy nor sad if you stopped posting here. But as Cindy posted out, your poor treatment by a big box retailer might be seen by some as a not unexpected consequence of supporting such a company. They’ve got the lowest prices for a reason.

  7. In this case, I didn’t have a choice, as I had to call a couple of different Best Buy stores, on behalf of the company I work for, to inquire about a specific brand and model of MP3 player.

  8. Go ahead and add me to the treated-like-crap-by-best-buy list. I haven’t been back there in two years. Learnt my lesson the one and only time I encountered a rude and apathetic employee.

    I dropped the items I was about to purchase right there in front of the offending employee and walked out. She tried to call me back with “wait! wait!”. I ignored her. It was all I could do not to tell her to go fuck herself.

  9. Ah the trials and tribs of the Best Buys and the Good Guys and the Frys… it’s no accident those three bigbox retailers rhyme รณ also with “wise,” which is what you are if you go in their front doors with low expectations. Personally my experiences have been of the get in/get out/get on with your life variety and I’m sorry you got jerked around Koga. I’m certainly even more sorry that others have opted to commentbeat and backseat drive at you. Just keep on posting whatever you wan’t, man (like you needed me to tell you to).

  10. Personally, I avoid overpriced places like BB and Fry’s. yes, they are still overpriced.

    You can find the same items online at places like amazon.com and newegg.com for less money (and that’s including tax and shipping). The real deals are online, not at these places.

  11. Hate to break your little whiny hearts, but store 109 is the largest grossing store in the entire company. They did the amount of revenue it takes a whole store in the midwest to get in an entire month the day after thanksgiving. When you attempt to shop over the phone at the companies busiest store, expect to sit on hold for a while, while they assist customers actually coming in the store to spend their money. It isn’t QVC.

    Best Buy may not always be there to answer the phone, but they provide the means for you to get to what you need. Want to know if they have something in stock? Stop being an ass clown and log-on the BestBuy.com, look up the product you want, then look on the right hand side of the page for ‘PREFERRED STORE AVAILABILITY’ and it will tell you if that store has any in stock.

    Nice post btw, I love listening to lazy people get on their soap boxes.

    – Steve

  12. I don’t get why the whine–he did it for work, so he got paid for his 1/2 hour on hold. I’d wonder about the get up and go of some assn’t who has 30 minutes to waste on hold.

  13. Seriously, I’m going to let this go, but before I do just a couple of final comments.

    a.) Customer service via telephone is a part of Best Buy’s business. This shouldn’t fall apart just because they’re busy. The fact is, those customers on the phone are part of the reason they are so busy in the store. If store #109 is busiest in the chain, then they are doing enough volume that they can afford to pay extra staff to answer the phone.

    b.) Using the ‘net to search product availability in the physical stores doesn’t work. That’s exactly what I did on my last (my *very* last) trip to Best Buy. The website said my product was “ready for pickup,” so I went to the store. After searching the store for 30 minutes, I waited another 15 minutes in the check-out line, because that’s the only way I could get someone to talk to me. The cashier checked the in-store computer and said, “No, we don’t have that.” I told her that I found it online; it said available for in-store pickup. “Well, the website is different. I mean, the website is Best Buy too, but they’re separate from us.”

    Simply an uninformed clerk? Perhaps, but that’s over an hour of my life that I will never get back.

  14. Yes, I was at my day job, and so yes, I was getting paid to be on for 30 minutes. But I think it goes without saying that it’s not a productive use of my time, and my colleagues and I were laughing at how asinine the sitch became with the West Hollywood and Culver City stores.

    Meanwhile, I called the Oxnard store and got through in less than a minute. I also called the South Salt Lake City store and got through in about five minutes.

  15. Recently the inventory system has been integrated into the website so yes, it updates in real-time instead of every twenty-four hours, so it does give you factual inventory counts. At this time, the problem you experienced should be non-existant, or if it happens, it will be rare due to an inventory miscount.

    You’re also calling Oxnard. Strawberry picker’s capital of the world. Glad you got through. I doubt they have a population of 17 million in Ventura county. ass-hat.

  16. Not true.

    I checked the Best Buy website yesterday and just now, looking for the specific MP3 player in question, and it only says if it’s in-stock.

    It doesn’t say how many of them they have in-stock.

    BTW, thanks for the insult. xoxo.

  17. If it is in stock, it will say in a bold red button, ‘Add to Cart’, if it isn’t available at the specific store you’re looking for, it will be a gray ‘Unavailable.’

    So that would probably tell you, that store isn’t stocking that particular item at this time.

    I can’t imagine why you’d want to know how many of them they have in stock, because per company policy, they aren’t supposed to hold anything for customers at any time, however you may find an employee that is willing to set it aside, but this is not policy. Hence, get your lazy butt up and go to the store if it says they are in stock instead of pleading with someone to hold it just for you while you finish your work shift and trot down to the store in question.


  18. You got through to Salt Lake–how many people live there? Or in Oxnard? Is there a productive use of this guy’s time? Anywhere?

  19. Looks like I need to clarify things… again.

    Going back to this: “Recently the inventory system has been integrated into the website so yes, it updates in real-time instead of every twenty-four hours, so it does give you factual inventory counts.”

    Some online retailers actually do specify how many of a specific item they have in stock on their website. Amazon almost does this… when they’re running low on stock, it will actually say “x” amount is in stock. Best Buy doesn’t… all it says is whether or not an item is in stock, and that wasn’t enough for my superiors. Hence why I had to call those stores in the first place.

    “I can’t imagine why you’d want to know how many of them they have in stock, because per company policy, they aren’t supposed to hold anything for customers at any time, however you may find an employee that is willing to set it aside, but this is not policy. Hence, get your lazy butt up and go to the store if it says they are in stock instead of pleading with someone to hold it just for you while you finish your work shift and trot down to the store in question.”

    See above. We weren’t looking to purchase anything, but we wanted to know if the MP3 player in question was selling well or not.

    The original request was that I call five different Best Buys (locally and further away).

    After they saw how troublesome calling two of the closest ones (West Hollywood, Culver City) were, they asked me to call any two Best Buys, regardless of where they were located. So I decided on Oxnard and S. Salt Lake City. And BTW, my superiors advised against driving down to the West Hollywood and Culver City stores after seeing the shitty treatment I got over the phone.

    Nice to see such a polite readership here.

  20. I hate that Best Buy. I bought a TV there a couple months ago and decided to exchange it for a better one a couple days later. So I brought the TV back and asked where I should go to exchange it – the TV dept to get the new TV, or the Customer Service dept to return the TV first. The dude didn’t know so I chose the TV dept. I set the TV down next to the desk in the TV dept. and waited. And waited. My boyfriend ended up sitting there for half an hour while I wandered around the department looking for some help. After we finally found someone, who was not at all pleased to have been found, they tried looking up the TV that I wanted on their computer. They claimed that it was sold out so I asked if they could find it at another nearby store. Culver City showed that they had 2, and West Hollywood showed that they had 1. I pointed to that on their screen and asked “What about that store?” and they said “That’s this one”, completely unaware that it showed they had 1 TV, and then they answered the phone and brushed me off with a hand motion. I gave up with them, and got in line at the customer service desk to return the TV for store credit. The service girl and 2 of her friends spent 10 minutes hanging out around the old TV talking about their weekend plans instead of finishing up my transaction. Luckily during that time a manager asked what the problem with the TV was, and I explained the story, and 10 minutes later he came out the back room with the TV that I was trying to buy in the first place.

    But that doesn’t compare to the time I took my laptop back to them because it was under their extended warranty and the battery was permanently dead. I explained the situation and that all I needed was a battery, and they sent it in to their service people, and returned it a few weeks later reformatted with no OS installed, and the dead battery still in it.

  21. best “wretched fucking” buy, as my friends and i have so lovingly called it over the years, and i have had a genuine love/hate relationship over the past 10+ years… i was stoked when i moved out here to hear about fry’s… my boss insists on someone bringing him the friday la times just for the fry’s ad and refers to my third favorite day of the week as “frys-day”…

    being new to the area, i voyaged out to find out what all the fuss is about… i visited the burbank fry’s store and must say that i was greatly underwhelmed… the prices weren’t anything to write home about… other than the phone guy trying to get me to switch carriers, i only saw two other “actively working” employees (both being mobbed)… other than that, the place just seemed, well, dirty… at least bwfb is cleaner and bright enough to not step on a fellow parton… *sigh*

    so my alternative, as it has been for a long time, is i roam around bwfb, circuit shitty, etc, to manhandle the merchandise and then order it from amazon or bid on ebay… no “instant gratification” from this process, but it has worked well so far… any suggestions on a great brick & mortar alternatives in the area..?

  22. While I’ve had my share of frustration trying to throw money (once in excess of $2,000!) at anyone in a Best Buy shirt who will take it, I’ve always been pretty happy when I order from bestbuy.com. Granted I only order little things like music and movies online and it doesn’t take gift cards, but shipping is free and I get my stuff within two or three days.

  23. Don’t buy anything from “Worst Buy”, it’s not worth it. I’ve been in and out of the place 6 times now, lied to by 5 different employees all to get my defective iPod fixed. I’ve owned it for 3 months now and it has been in the shop for going on 2 of them. I was stupid enough to buy the warranty as well. I would rather slit my wrists and do pushups in alcohol than buy anything from “Worst Buy” ever again.

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