Nice work if you can get it

I guess it’s indicative of my cow-town roots, but one of the things I love about L.A. is running into the random celebrity pretty much anywhere: the towers of Cedars Sinai, the Starbucks, the supermarket. Anywhere, that is, except at my commercial auditions.

Granted, today’s run-in wasn’t on the wattage level of those two one-time lovebirds currently monopolizing the front-page real estate of every rag on the newsstand. Or even one or two people I’ve auditioned with in the past. But she’s a Name, and all I know is that if I’d been a series regular that many times I’d chew my arm off before I’d do the commercial thing again.

So what was someone with a year on “In Living Color”, a year on “Melrose Place” and recurrings on two currently running shows doing at a cattle call?

“Just trying to get a gig like everybody else.”

Ugh. It’s almost enough to send me back into advertising.

3 thoughts on “Nice work if you can get it”

  1. Um – isn’t it inevitable to meet actors at an audition, cattle call or not?

    Awhile back (March 2004) ma femme and I stopped for dinner at a hole in the wall diner on Main St in Santa Monica. Lo and behold, we ended up “having dinner” with some guy*. (He and we were the only customers in the place.) Judging from the banter between him and the sullen thirtysomething goth waitress, it looks like he’s there fairly often, maybe even a regular.


    (And when did imdb start using these hideously long urls instead of those short and immediately identifiable ones?)

  2. Coleen, stop it-the worst part is when a “name” deigns to grace their presence @ our lil’ old commercial auditions is to note how the casting director kisses their butt & cuts them ahead of everybody else. I always figure, “well, we’re screwed” but somebody else inevitably points out, “they’ll never meet their quote” & they’re usually right. So why do it?

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