More Yumminess

Last night my hubby and I decided to go out to dinner. This is common practice at our house, (maybe a little too common, but that’s another matter), which is why we were so amazed when we couldn’t get a seat anywhere we went. Although it may have had something to do with where we looked (okay, so El Cholo at 8pm on Thursday is never a good idea) but whatever the cause, it took us an hour to find a place. We actually tried three places before we found one that had room for us. We went to this little place on La Brea called, appropriately, Sante La Brea, and it was so good! Being a vegetarian, I usually go out to places that have one dish available for me (pasta, of course!)which makes ordering irritating, but at least it’s easy. Not at Sante La Brea, though. When we walked in to this quaint little cafe and took a look at their menu I was blown away! The menu was almost entirely vegetarian, although it did have some tasty sounding meat dishes. I ordered their Un Duck, which I was very wary of at first, since a lot of meat replacement dishes taste like rubber, but when I got my plate I couldn’t stop eating it. I mean, it was delicious! Jason had the spinach portobello pasta, and it was great too. In fact, it was so good, I had to write about it today so all of you vegetarians (and everybody else) would try this place. The decor is nice, the staff is very friendly and helpful, and the place is overall just a great scene if you want a quiet, delicious meal in a great atmosphere. So check it out!

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