While sitting in traffic on this hot winter day I remembered some secret plans from college that involved replacing all the city roads with waterslides (see image to the right). At the time we laughed it off as a joke but my car is telling me it’s 93 degrees out side and since it’s taken me about 5 minutes to travel an entire block I’m now thinking it’s not such a bad idea. We’d all be able to move around a lot quicker and it would be refreshing at the same time. Now, I’m not naive enough to think that anyone will *actually* tear up all the roads and replace them with waterslides just because of this post, however if we could go ahead and have them installed in addition to the roads I think that would work out just as good. If we could maybe get that going before summer fully kicks in that would be dandy. Thanks so much.


6 thoughts on “Dear LADOT”

  1. and then we could form a big water slide train…wwweeeeeeee TELL ME we couldn’t get some serious speed as we cruise by and laugh at everyone stuck on the 405…that would be a good day!

  2. I’d like to add sidewalks made out of trampolines to your request, please, in case I get waterlogged from all the water slides and want to bounce my way from place to place.

  3. Gross. People would put their dogs and trash in the water slides, babies would poop in it and the homeless would bathe in the flowing water and you’d be sliding around in that muck.

  4. In a perfect world filled with waterslide roads, babies don’t poop, trash doesn’t exist and everyone has homes. Work with us, Jimbo, work with us! :)

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