Dear Crackheads

Here are the rules.

If I actually see you receive $20 for drugs while I am queued at the McDonalds drive thru, I will not buy you lunch.

If I actually see you give somebody $20 for drugs and then start smoking it in the McDonalds parking lot, I will not give spare change because your sign says you are hungry.

I know that this seems grossly unfair, but that’s the policy.

16 thoughts on “Dear Crackheads”

  1. Dude. I’m down for that. But if I’m smoking crack, I aint hungry for your McGriddle anyway! Nuka…

  2. we used to give a homeless guy piles of used clothing every day because he said he was giving them to people at the shelter he stayed at.

    LIAR….. he was selling them for a dime each and buying crack. we’ve discovered that 99.999999% aren’t going to buy food but drugs. do like crystal did, she made a LARGE contribution to the weingard center in downtown and gives them the address when they beg for food money.

    wanna guess how many give a fuck and thank us?

  3. For a while there was a guy on the Wilshire onramp to the southbound 405 whose sign read, “Honestly, I just want a beer.”

    It was a very tempting appeal.

  4. Once again not the best place to post this, but it does relate in some way to the oddities of living in LA. So i bought a new (well used, but its new to me) car this weekend and i needed to get the insurance redone since i had traded in my old car, so i park at the insurance company and as im waiting to be seen i notice this extra large dodge ram extended cab behemoth, with its tailgate down, backing up directly in line with my car, and then boom, my new car does a shimmy and a shake the dodge pulls forward and there is now a very large dent in the side of my new car. and to top it all off this guy has no insurance and my deductible is like $1000, i took down his information but really what can i do other than hope that when i contact him he picks up his phone. if that doesn’t go under alanis’s definition of irony i don’t know what does.

  5. What we whould call this site: “”

    How about everybody who writes for this site go do some stealth (no media credentials) investigative reporting or find some inside information about LA business, Hollywood or city government? Probably busy with day-jobs, right?

    So what we are left with is the shit you deal with after your day jobs are done: the homeless, druggies, chickens-for-pets, consumer purchases that you make at yuppie malls on weekends, walks in a local park and concert listings that you can get from LAWeekly.

    Shit happens. But, at least come up with some ideas that might help the city. They’ll get read.

  6. I’ve given money on two occasions and it was because their signs read “Can you spare some change? I’m trying to save up to buy a gun so I can make some real money” and “I really, really, really, really, really need a drink”.

    Honesty goes a long way kids.

  7. i see the same woman at this intersection in beverly hills, about every 6 weeks, with the same sign, saying she has just been robbed, someone stole her purse and her wallet and all her money, and can’t you please help her out. at the same ARCO on santa monica & curson, i always get approached by people who have mysteriously broken down on their way to fresno, and can’t i spare a dollar to help them get gas? you can’t help but to become cynical.

  8. Awww. Chris…bad da,y huh? You might want to try the supplement SAM-E, it’s a mood elevator…

    And hey, don’t you know what this site is ABOUT? It’s not so much about helping the city….(well, okay maybe sometimes it is) but helping the PEOPLE who live in this city. It’s about relating the common EXPERIENCE of living in this city seen through the eyes of lots of different people. And that means the experience of chickens, the homeless, shopping, playing, loving.

    Seriously, try the SAM-E…or have a beer. You’ll feel better.

  9. I wonder how many people who refuse to give money to homeless because they’ll just spend it on drugs or booze, are guilty of doing the very same thing?

  10. Chris – you must have missed all the good changes bla is doing in the city. For instance, parking issues in downtown – the major took care of them. Traffic problems regarding a light – the city responded and is fixing the problem. The graffiti issue, the homeless problem someone had – city council members took issue and helped out. BLA is making a difference. We just have the right to bitch a little in between.

  11. Chris Franklin has a good idea and I’m willing to make a day-job of it. Paypal funds to [email protected]. When $100 bucks collects there, I’ll spend a day (i.e. 5 hours) doing some investigative reporting.

    I’ll really do it. (I hope not too much money collects there, cause I’m patently lazy.)

  12. Here’s a question: most of you who post about the homeless do so to kvetch about giving them money, revealing a great deal of antipathy for the homeless. Why give money to people you hate? So you have something to complain about?

    And Elmo asksa good question: “I wonder how many people who refuse to give money to homeless because they’ll just spend it on drugs or booze, are guilty of doing the very same thing?”

    Answer: almost all of them. It takes a profound hypocrite to give money (or claim to want to give money) and then complain about giving money. Such hypocrisy does not confine itself to one area of a person’s life.

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