‘How Rude!’

2005_01_14_echutah.jpgOkay, I must confess that I chased down a BMW on the 101 Southbound this morning because of its license plate.

It said:


(Star Wars fans will get the reference.)

Granted, the BMW exited off an offramp that was just before before my usual one, but it shows you just how geeked out I was when I spotted it. Still… NERD ALERT!

Unfortunately, the image I snapped with my phonecam didn’t come out. D’oh!

6 thoughts on “‘How Rude!’”

  1. Star Wars fan I am, but clearly one of lesser dedication because I have NO IDEA what “echutah” means. Sounds like something Jabba might have said, but that’s probably too easy or obvious.

    Soooo… what’s it mean?

  2. I’ll wait a little to see if anyone else gets it.

    Hm, I should’ve written “Star Wars fans who are ripe targets for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.” :(

  3. C-3PO encounters a droid that looks like him who says “echuta”. Must be some kind of intergalactic “F-You.”

    I didn’t think I was a geek, but apparently I am.

  4. I didn’t want to out myself too quick on that, it’s in Empire right before C3P0 gets blasted. The door opens and C3P0 says something like “nice to see a familier face” and the other droid says “Echuta” and walks away to which C3P0 responds, “How Rude!”

    Now, if you are a serious Star Wars retard you know that “Echuta” roughly translates into “I don’t know about that (if it’s so nice to see a familier face)”

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