a quick quiz

Yesterday morning I was on the 10 WB at La Brea in the fast lane about 6:45am. I see some sort of lights/sirens/caravan/get the hell out of the way/commotion in the rear view mirror. Five suburbans and a squad car with lights and big prominent “Bomb Squad” signs on the doors pushing everybody into the #2 lane. What do you think was my first reaction?

a. “terrorist attack, call it in from home today”

b. “stay the heck away from these guys, they’re throwing a live one off the Santa Monica pier”

c. “action movie? Do I get a cameo?”

d. “if I can sneak back in right behind the last truck, I’ve got an e-ticket to ride”

on PCH in 7 minutes

6 thoughts on “a quick quiz”

  1. As a former cop beat reporter, I can tell you these guys were on some waste-of-time mission to defuse a briefcase someone accidentally left behind somewhere. That’s what it usually is (I would guess 90 percent of the time), but post 9/11 they have to take each of these reports very seriously.

  2. I occasionally take the 110 on my way home from a client’s office–and I’ve been surprised at how often I see those bomb squad motorcades zooming south just past downtown. I began wondering if they were just doing it for fun.

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