The Ants Come Marching Down

I’m being attacked! When the ants descended into my house during the rains, I decided to co-exist with them, since their homes were probably either swept away or soaked in the deluge. But now they’re everywhere!!! Forget the counters, that’s baby stuff for these monsters. They’re crawling on the walls, the carpets, in the orchid, up the sink, over the dog…..
The final straw was when they invaded my office and as I typed, a couple meandered down into the keyboard and disappeared. I can only imagine the havoc they are wrecking in there.
I hate pesticides so I’ve now sprayed them to death with Windex, but they just come on back when it dries. Any non-toxic solutions out there that actually work? (I tried borax to no avail!)

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  1. I think when I got my laptop, one of the few exceptions to the warranty was “insect infestation.” I hope your computer survives.

    I don’t know if any of them will work or not, but this site has some ideas:

    So far, my apartment has been bug free except for a few friendly spiders, so I haven’t had a reason to try them myself.

  2. For some reason, Lysol has worked for me in the past. Plus, it doesn’t smell as awful as the highly toxic stuff.

  3. I’ve been fighting with them for a week and was innundated with them on Monday night (as detailed at length with profanity on my blog).

    I’ve been using boric acid for years, which has always worked great (sprinkle it on windowsills and doorjams) but the rain was just too much.

    The little fuckers ended up IN THE WATER RESERVOIR OF THE COFFEE MAKER!

    I tore the kitchen apart, wiped EVERYTHING down and ended up using some Raid Ant & Roach spray around the outside of the house on the window frames and door openings.

    My brother pointed me to this site too for more info on the unwelcome visitors –

  4. yeah, that ‘Orange’ cleaner has worked for me too. In fact, they haven’t come back since I “oranged-up” the area I found them.

    Steve Jones from 103.1 FM was telling a hysterical story yesterday about how he now has ants because of the rain, and felt bad because he had to kill them “because they don’t leave when you ask them to.”

  5. Welcome to my world.

    People posted a bunch of good suggestions/links in the comments when I blogged about the problem back in November:

    For what it’s worth, my friend Joey (a.k.a “The Wacky Uses Guy”) swears by the chalk thing.

    Me? I’m Miss Orange Power (well, Target brand) all the way. I swear, I yell at them first. But if they don’t listen…pfffft! And gone!

  6. There is this thing called Ant Chalk that I’ve only been able to find in Chinatown in SF. Seriously, it’s fucks the ants up! We had a massive ant issue at the gallery when they were doing construction work under the space (don’t ask). All of a sudden, thousands of ants started pouring up from this one crack. I drew a circle around them with some ant chalk and within 5 minutes…dead! And never to return. Good news is, it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t kill your pets.

  7. Ant Chalk? Gotta have pesticide in it… I wonder…Do you still have it?
    Well, I tried talking to them first but they didn’t listen (typical) so now they must DIE with orange spray!
    Good info!

  8. For ants in the sink, I found that even a small puddle of Dawn dishwashing liquid will 1) kill the few ants that it lands on and 2) send the rest of them fleeing! Not sure why.

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