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2005_01_12_ipod_shuffle.gifSo if you’re a victim of the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Machine like I am, you’ve already ordered an iPod Shuffle. Or are already angling to get one real soon.

Out of curiosity, I tried calling the Apple Store at The Grove, and after hitting “5” for “All other calls,” heard the phone ring for 15 minutes. With a single ring lasting about four seconds, that was about 225 rings altogether. After about five minutes of waiting, my friends said I was in “phone limbo,” but I let it go for another ten minutes as a goof.

Meanwhile, one of those friends called The Grove Store as well. After the first call, where someone picked up the phone after four rings and promptly hung up, he tried again, and was subsequently put on hold. After someone picked up the phone, my friend asked about the iPod Shuffle, and was told that there was a 1-2 week wait for it at the store, which was the same wait time for ordering it online as well! Crazy!

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  1. I spent two days calling The Grove Apple store last summer and NEVER got anyone to pick up the phone. I’m talking calling them every ten minutes and letting it ring and ring and ring. I questioned the guy when I actually went into the story and he said, “oh, it’s just crazy here.”

    Really, why have a phone number if you’re never gonna answer it?

  2. I was on a waiting list for an iPod mini at the Grove store and after a month and a half, I stopped by and found out that they had a few in stock, even though nobody ever called me.

    Since then, I’ve bought a new computer and quite a few odds and ends through the online Apple Store without any problems.

    If the wait for the iPod shuffle is going to be the same either way, I’ll skip the Grove once again.

  3. Its cool that Apple has finally come out with a product, the iPod, that transcends their historically losing situation vs. Microsoft/PCs. Let’s hope that Apple continues that trend, by producing as many new, world-changing consumer products as possible.

    Though iPods (i have one) are nice, I think I’m continue my move to Satellite radio. Sirius and XM both have handheld players now; sound quality is better than from the iPod (in both their car decks and handhelds); at 9-12 bucks a month for the service, I am getting a way more cost-effective deal than listening to my 700 bucks worth of iPod songs over and over again.

  4. Customer service with Apple is notoriously, almost deliberately bad.
    I waited for over an hour at their “genius bar” just to exchange the iPod I’d bought a couple days earlier that didn’t work.
    A few weeks later, the new iPod kept crashing, phone support kept hanging up on me, and then I had to wait, again, for an hour at the “Genius bar” to exchange the iPod.

    I know they’re neat to look at, but in a few years we’ll all laugh at what pieces of crap iPods were, with their horrible batteries that burn out after six months then cost $100 to replace, plus time spent dealing with Apple.

  5. You know that new ipod shuffle thingy looks like you could pee on it and use it for a pregnancy test.

    I’ve had some major hassles at the Grove Store. So I use any of the others or Melrose-Mac.

  6. Yeah, I wound up calling the Northridge Apple Store since it’s in my neighborhood.

    And not only did someone answer on the first ring, but she said that they’d probably be getting them at the end of the week.

  7. My iPod is in great shape after a year. No battery problems here. I, too, am very interested in the iPodS (as I call it) and also in the new Mac mini. From PC to Mac user in under $700! woohoo

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