Good Samaritan…

2005_01_12_suv_cone.jpgAs much as I can really hate driving out here in L.A. (especially since my commute to work this morning took a whopping hour and a half!), that didn’t stop me from helping someone out last night.

I talk about it in *excruciating* detail elsewhere, but the short version of the story is that I was headed northbound on Laurel Canyon towards the 101 Freeway and noticed that an SUV ahead of me had an orange cone buried in its rear left wheel well!

I initially laughed about the sitch, but then decided I’d better do something about it. And since the driver was stopped directly in front of me, waiting to make a left turn, it made jumping out of my car, tapping on the driver’s window, pointing out the problem to her, and getting back in my car that much easier.

So it’s nice to know that when push came to shove, I helped out another driver out here in the City of Angels.

4 thoughts on “Good Samaritan…”

  1. Indeed, very nice. Too often in this town people just pretend they don’t see the stuff going down around them. I hope you’re driving by when I break down!

  2. Great story and I appreciate your not mentioning what an asshole the other driver was or how racist or sexist they were. Did the driver grope you or shout anything?

  3. Nope, she was just weaving in and out of lanes like she was in a hurry, hence my initial reaction of laughter at her predicament.

    But then I realized that this wasn’t a good sitch, so I decided I had better do something about it.

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