Santa Barbara Mud Slide

Holy crap! Doc just posted a link to the most amazing photo of the mud slide yet! (click the image for the full sized version)


Apparently there’s no way to drive into the city now, as all the roads are closed or covered. Planes and boats only kids. And I thought the 8″ stream of water in front of my house was bad. Wow!

8 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Mud Slide”

  1. Man! I was in the break room at work yesterday afternoon and I saw it on the news. The footage angle was from street level, whcih was still remarkable. But this photo’s perspective really puts it in perspective.

  2. Ok, this may just be my weird eyes, but does anyone else see the face made from the rubble? It’s in that pile of rocks toward the left of the pile. If I knew how to photoshop, I’d point it out.

  3. Uh oh, a friend of mine had been planning on driving up the 101 to Santa Barbara tomorrow. Wonder if he should even bother trying to get up there?

  4. There’s like a Santa Clause face right in the middle, or a bearded pirate.

    Everytime there’s a natural disaster like this, I think, “who does humanity think they are fooling?” We’re ants.

  5. We wish we were ants! They’ll be shrugging off shit like this long after we’ve hopped rockets to other planets we can pave and attempt to contain.

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