Look! Up In The Sky!

Hey there Sunshine! Welcome back. Great to see you รณ and I mean Great To See You. Been awhile. Toooooo long. Rain started messing with me and had me believing you’d gone on a 40-day vacation or something. Kooky, huh? Anyway… think you might hang around for a bit? That’d be nice because that whole arc building thing wasn’t going well since I had no clue how big a cubit is.

3 thoughts on “Look! Up In The Sky!”

  1. I know the feeling. I woke up this morning, and my first thought was “Ugh, that stupid bright sun is in my eyes,” because I hadn’t closed the blinds all the way. A second later I realized that meant the rain had stopped, and I got SO excited about waking up to sunshine.

  2. The 10 day forecast on weather.com shows NO RAIN on the horizon! Only more sunshine and pretty clouds.

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