10 thoughts on “102 in the 026”

  1. There are 50 in my ZIP code. I have met one of them. His family votes in the precinct where I volunteer. I was pretty surprised to see a face I recognized when I ran a search in my area. Kinda creepy.

  2. there is a blu dot on my building. how do i know its my building? on my street you are either living in my building or your a fish factory. more good news, there are about 100 more blue dots spread within a ten block radius of our building!

  3. None on my block in the 026 but there are several in the one-block-over-one-block down/up realm. When I clicked the “offenses” button I had been somewhat naive in my thinking that maybe the crimes had been comparitively minor (i.e. “flashing”). Nope. For every couple of lewd acts done to minors it seems there’s a fair share of repeat rapists. Joy.

  4. The film The Woodsman starring Kevin Bacon deals with this sort of thing. Lots of “creepy” comments but try to keep the dread at bay by giving these folks a chance.


  5. Is it true that along with the creepy pedophiles, “registered sex offenders” would also include somebody who knocked up a 17-year-old and her parents pressed charges, or someone who got arrested way back when homosexuality was against the law?

    So maybe not every blue dot is looking to abduct our children.

  6. It’s not creepy to be curious. At least I hope not, seeing as my family and I did this together on Christmas Eve a few years ago. “Morbid curiosity” is, I guess, the most apt phrase to describe it.

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