That House On Laurel Canyon…

2005_01_10_laurel_canyon.jpgWow, this morning’s commute was absolutely horrible. With many of the canyon roads closed and/or under repair, it meant there was extra traffic on the 405, 170, and 101 Freeways.

And that made driving back north into the San Fernando Valley from the city rather interesting in the evening. My normal route is via Benedict Canyon/Beverly Glen, but I decided to take Laurel Canyon back tonight since I did some shopping at the Virgin Megastore complex at Sunset and Crescent Heights.

So yeah, I got to see that house that collapsed. It’s not that far north of Mulholland and it’s on the west side of the street. And it’s pretty spectacular.

Besides, you can’t miss it, with all of the news crews hovering outside, bright lights, news vans, and all.

BTW, I have friends who drive past that house everyday, and they told me that it’s been up for sale for the past couple of years. And did you know that the asking price was a whopping $1.4 millon (tip: Defamer)! Goddamn! :o

3 thoughts on “That House On Laurel Canyon…”

  1. Iím shocked! I grew up four blocks from that house and drove by it every other day for years! Tree People is going to have a field day with this!!

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