Arty weekend

taxali-laluz2.jpgI finally met the great Gary Taxali, who was in town for his opening at La Luz de Jesus. He’s quite nice; we chatted a bit about how the rain was delightful compared to the Toronto/Chicago meridian and about how nice our mutual acquaintances, the sixspace people were. Then he introduced me to about seven L.A. artists hovering nearby, none of whose names I remember, as well as Gary Baseman, whose name I do remember, and who took this snap.

The piece behind us is “Good Husband/Good Lover”. It’s delightful, as is the rest of his show. It runs through January 31st, and I highly recommend you go see it. The photos on the La Luz website don’t do it justice.

I also braved the rain to see the new show at sixspace which Sean told y’all (y’all?) about last week. Some wonderful pieces there, too; I especially loved the Jen Corace drawing (which I see has sold) and Chad Robertson’s paintings (which I see haven’t–hmmm….)

Again, the website doesn’t begin to do them justice. Hie thee to the galleries! Go!

Can’t See the Forest runs through February 12.

Gary Taxali at La Luz de Jesus runs through January 31.