Since we’re in LA and like to talk all things “Hollywood” I just have to ask: who fed this woman a nasty pill before she wrote this review of Alias’ fourth season in the New York Times? Mind you, she goes on to basically rip on the entire series, and it makes you wonder why in the world does someone need to critique a television show like this. The best part is, she criticizes it for what it is and does best – being an over-the-top spy show.

I thought that the first episode (yay, two hours) was amazing…action packed. In the first then minutes Syndey (Jennifer Garner’s character) had like 5 different hair colors, faked getting kicked out of the CIA, joined a CIA Black Ops division, and had sex with hottie Vaughn. Now, if that ain’t some television, I don’t know what is. Sure, they eased up on the Rambaldi stuff but, really, how much more of that can you take? And her mother is dead…or is she? They might be skipping over a lot of that stuff now but trust me, they get back to it, they always do. It’s like JJ Abrams likes to start at the end and then go back and explain it.

Alias is fun television…it’s smart, sexy, and spy-like.

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  1. I love Alias, too! I thought it was a great season opener. I watched the first season but stopped once I got into Sex and the City (they were both on Sunday nights at 9). I’m a huge fan of Lost and was thrilled when they moved Alias to directly after. Yay!

  2. More Rambaldi please. He coulda kicked DaVinci and his wussy code’s ass.

    OK ladies, be honest: who among you would like to make like Marshall and have eggs with Sark?

  3. Like most things it started off sleek and sexy and wound up being tacky and trite. It really can’t be helped. Nature of the beast, things fall apart, etc.


  4. My favorite part of that review was where she stated that comic books suck, no one likes them, and that people who read them are all losers. Which…what does that have to do with Alias? And why the hate for comics? Last I checked, reading comics wasn’t a mandatory activity.


  5. Alias sucks. Jennifer Garner needs to eat a sandwhich, and shes not a good actrees.

    “She can be anybody.”

    Anybody as long as they are an attactive woman.

    (the following is an inane generalization, an dI know dont bother telling me..)

    Alias fans are faux feminists who pretend they are liberate and independant women.. who are still catty, and secretly trying to make sure they marry a rich man.

    This is a tirade, but I really hate this show.

    And comic books kick ass. That woman is an idiot.

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