Opening Saturday Night @ sixspace

Our first opening of the year at sixspace is this Saturday and the general feeling is that it’s one of the best shows we’ve ever done. Can’t See The Forest is our once yearly group show, this time featuring 18 contemporary artists who regularly use trees in their works. A quick look at the weather shows that there will probably be a monsoon hitting us right about the time we open the doors, but if you felt like braving the weather and going out against the advisement of STORM WATCH!!! we’d love to see you there. The opening is from 5:30-10PM. The artists involved are Larissa Bates, Tim Biedron, Ernesto Caivano, Rich Colman, Jen Corace, Sarah Cromarty, Marcel Dzama, Echo Eggebrecht, James Franklin, Glen E. Friedman, Seonna Hong (shown right), Chris Patch, Chad Robertson, Roxene Rockwell, Randall Sellers, P‰r Strˆmberg, Rachell Sumpter, and Megan Whitmarsh. And of course, sixspace is still located at 549 West 23rd Street in downtown, betwen Fig and Flower, just south of the 10 and the Staples center and north of USC. See you then.

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