Change for Good

I don’t know if you keep jars of change around your place, but I have been for the past few years since we got our own washer and dryer. The great thing about it is that CoinStar has a system where you can donate your spare change to charity and they don’t even charge their normal service fee!

I did this for the Red Cross’ 911 relief fund and found over $110 in the house and again after October’s fires in ’03. Last night I toodled over the Ralphs with almost nine pounds of change and popped it into the machine (I’ll tell you, I like those machines, I like watching the tally and listening to the coins go into their little sorters). (For more stats, you can check out my blog entry.)

Last night’s total? $78.34 which I earmarked for UNICEF’s Tsunami Relief. (They also have Red Cross listed as a charity you can donate to, as well as some fine other charities like the World Wildlife Fund and March of Dimes and often localized charities like schools.) What’s also especially cool is that here at work they’re matching our donations to any tsunami relief charity with dollar-for-dollar donations to the Red Cross.

2 thoughts on “Change for Good”

  1. Cybele, that is an AWESOME use of your loose change.

    It was definitely better spent going to UNICEF as opposed to something as stupid as buying a bum a burrito.

  2. a very cool idea, buuuuuuuut… CoinStar does actually charge the charity a fee. I believe it’s 7.5% of monies donated. That 7.5% is of course on top of the nearly 20% operational costs that WWF takes from your donation (of the 102,125,899 spent last year, 19,051,700 of that was administrative.) I know it’s not nearly as convenient, but it might be worth it to go to the bank and change the coins there.

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