That Truffaut was a little racy…

wildchild.jpgNow I know why people drive from all over the city to CineFile Video: those special, uncut versions you just can’t get at Blockbuster.

To be fair, there’s a big fat sign on the front page that indicates the site is undergoing a major overhaul. And I hate to have any fun at the expense of an institution that not only stocks Eric Rohmer’s entire ouevre but gives you a searchable database to check in the first place (do you hear me, Rocket?!).

But you really should go on and search while it still pulls up cool results like a sketch of Spike Lee for Autumn Sonata or a menacing dude with a spear and a lantern for The Conversation. (Modesty prohibits me from mentioning the photo illustrating O Brother, Where Art Thou?; let’s just say I don’t recognize this particular gal from the sirens scene…)

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