I was headed to my audition on the Westside in kind of a rotten mood (southerly migrating cold = Margo Channing soundalike ≠ “Casual Mom” shilling for Zyrtec) when I was suddenly cheered by the sight of TWO trucks turning left onto Olympic from Barrington bearing enormous “Peet’s Coffee” store signage.

Checked the Peet’s site as soon as I got home and, alas, it looks like there’s only one Peet’s scheduled to open soon (on Westwood…like those kids need to get any more amped up).

But that’s one more coffee safe zone between me and the Pacific. Let’s hear it for Eastward creep…

4 thoughts on “Mmmmore…Peet’s!!!”

  1. Hot damn! That means maybe there’s another one opening. Unless they’re putting up new signage at an old Peet’s. Not-hot damn. Those teases…

  2. Come on out to the ‘burbs Colleen. Thousand Oaks has had a Peet’s for a couple years now. Great coffee and low crime, what more could you ask for. Of course, we have no personality so there’s always that.

  3. There are two Peets on Westwood now – the one just south of Santa Monica looks just about ready to open. I can’t wait!

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