Photo Request

Speaking of West Hollywood, if anyone is on Berverly between Fairfax and Le Brea, can you please take a photo of the Don’t Shoot billboard across the street from the post office? It’s got an LAPD badge and a handgun and big “DON’T SHOOT” lettering, put there to remind people not to shoot their guns up into the air on New Years. I don’t know how long it’s going to be up, and I was in a rush when I saw it today and couldn’t go back to take the shot myself. If you can get me a good photo of it I’ll be your best friend. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Photo Request”

  1. Damn, you know I saw that thing when I was out two days ago but I’d left the CF card out of my camera. Doh! I’ll try to swing by today…

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