Yes, I’ve posted about this event before, and yes some people got irritated pussies over it, but fuck them cuz it starts tomorrow. If this post bums you out, guess what?!? You’re a fucking turd-burglar. If you need me to define that term for you more, email me. So anyhoo back to the topic at hand… Tomorrow, Wednesday January 5th, is the start of something real special if you like live music… Aaron North and myself (we run Buddyhead.com together) are hosting a night called DIVEBOMB at the Knitting Factory every Wednesday. It’s FREE, ALL AGES (if you’re under 21 it’ll cost you $3), we’ll have cheap drinks, free Red Stripe beer, live bands, and guest DJS. Sounds pretty fucking boss right? This week (Jan 5th) is the record release show for WIRES ON FIRE, they’ll be playing live and Keith Morris (Circle Jerks/Black Flag) will be guest djing with us. Next week (January 12th) Die Princess Die and The Mutes will be playing and we’ll have a super secret guest DJ to be announced later. Go to divebombnight.com to sign up for the email list so we can tell you who’s playing every week without disturbing the angry computer dorks here. See you tomorrow night, party starts around 9:30pm and goes till the end.

8 thoughts on “DIVEBOMB – JANUARY 5TH”

  1. What the hell? I thought there were standards for posting here. How does this guy keep getting adspace here?

  2. He’s not flaming the entire audience with this redundant post… just those of us who dared be so ignorant and stupid as to question his tactics the first time around.

    Harshings and his offers to sooth any irritated genitalia aside, I’ve come to forgive Travis under the blind assumption that he doesn’t really mean any harm.

    So spare me the venom Trav… I’ll rub my own, thanks.

    But I still just might get me a tee that reads “Computer Dork” and show up to one of his gigs. After all, free (insert brand name) beer, is free (insert brand name) beer. Even if it’s angry.

  3. turd-burglery asside, Wires on Fire and Keith Morris is a damn good combition if you ask me.

    And what does a brother need to do to hook up some free lemonade or something for us non-drinkers at one of these things?

    Also, is it messed up that I keep thinking of that Jamacan guy from the red stripe commercials saying Turd-Burgler?

  4. Sean would also like a straightedge sunbonnet to wear while he sips his lemonade. Hook him up, please.

  5. I know I’m one of the dorks, Travis, but I actually think this is almost a good post. My complaint last time was that it seemed like you had cut’n’pasted the whole thing from ad copy. This post actually sounds like you’re writing to us, and the show sounds pretty damn good, too.

    BUT, the smack talk is still coming off like you’re trying to take “edgy” language a step further so you can get attention. You’re clever enough to make your friends laugh, but you just don’t have it in you to write smack for people who don’t know you. Yet. Keep at it, and you’ll eventually figure it out.

    Thanks for the invite, though.

  6. here’s hoping we ALL succeed in taking edgy language a step further to get attention.

    i’m bored

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