Okay, I must confess that even though it’s been pouring like crazy the past two weeks, I still don’t have an umbrella (I plan on buying a ridiculously overpriced one at The Sharper Image tonight later this week on the way home from work, but if anyone has better suggestions on where to buy a kick-ass one, I’d love to hear them).

After all, this is usually a city where it hardly ever rains!

Which begs the question, do you have an umbrella?

If not, what do you use as cover from the rain?

A hood? Some newspaper? A purse? Some Ugg boots?

12 thoughts on “Umbrellas?”

  1. When I use to work in downtown, when the rain came out, out of nowhere, sidewalk vendors would come out and start selling umbrella’s at 5.00 a pop. They were pretty decent too!

  2. Eddie Bauer hooded slicker I picked up at Children’s Memorial Thrift Shop 8 years ago: $6.

    Red Ball knee-high rubber boots I picked up at St. Vincent de Paul Society Thrift 10 years ago: $4.

    Hands free to take pix for with shitty 2.0 megapixel camera: priceless.

  3. Street vendors were hawking some nice ones outside Hollywood & Highland for $4 yesterday. I couldn’t believe they were so cheap. Didn’t buy one though. Ended up waiting out a sudden downpour under a tree.

  4. Until it finally fell apart, I would wear an old straw cowboy hat when (a) it was raining particularly hard, and (b) I wasn’t going somewhere important, like work.

    Otherwise, I’d usually do without and run to my car really quickly.

  5. I have one of those giant golf umbrellas and I love it! I’ve had it since college, when it would keep me and my backpack totally dry. I took it with me to a Barenaked Ladies concert last year and while walking back to the car in the downpour we were able to keep a total of 4 people dry under it. Definitely a prized possession.

  6. I plan on buying a ridiculously overpriced one at The Sharper Image tonight later this week

    A ridiculously overpriced umbrella for the the city where it never (hardly) rains (except when it does)?

    Don’t be silly. :-)

    Buy the ones off the racks inside the grocery stores and drugstores – the cheap $6-8 ones. You’ll lose ’em by the next time it rains, anyway.

    I particularly recommend the little automatic open AND close models – look for the pushbutton with the double-headed arrow. You can extend one hand out a car door and POP it open, and you can POP it closed one-handed to get through a doorway while carrying packages. ‘S how I got through the last El NiÒo without drownin’ mah good winter cowboy hat.

    Cheap. Functional. Get one for the house, one for the car trunk, one for the backpack. That way, you’re always covered, and you won’t need to remember to take your fancy overpriced Sharper Image ‘brolly with you – ’cause ya know ya never will, ’cause you know you’ll never pay attention to the weather forecasts – because, hey, it hardly ever rains here – right?


    Trust me, after 26 years here, I know how it goes. :-)

  7. Seems like you have plenty of suggestions as to not to spend too much money on something you’ll hardly use in this city!

    I have an enormous umbrella my husband has got from his company. Corporate goodies. Humpf. At least it proves itself useful during the times L.A. forgets it’s L.A.!

  8. I totally see Koga with a Burberry plaid umbrella. ;)

    I have a crappy little compact umbrella in the back of my car, but I always forget I have it. I usually just brave the rain if it’s light. Otherwise, I wear my hooded jacket from The North Face that I got for camping.

  9. It’s long gone missing but I had this rad ‘brella… a collapsible, but not one of those mini-types. All closed up it was about 2.5 feet long. Fully open it was almost golf-sized in coverage. Gawd how I miss that thing. Now because of general umbrella purchasing denial, I’m relegated to using a wimpy-handled supercompact that barely spans my shoulders when open. Sigh.

  10. my umbrella opens to be one of the wild things from “where the wild things are”. it’s has a big face and two pointy ears. I only have it because I took it to burning man.

  11. Whenever I buy an umbrella, it falls to pieces. The kids and I just wear hoods to make it from house to car and back.

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