Identity Crisis

where am I?

Dear Mr. Moreno,

Since having bought the Anaheim (not Los Angeles) Angels in 2003, you’ve done an excellent job of running the organization, from having signed Vladimir Gurrero last season and Orlando Cabrera last week, to overseeing fan merchandise priced at reasonable prices.

However, it has come to my attention, that you officially changed the name to the Los Angeles Angels or is it the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Either way, I don’t really think you ought to for the following reasons.

1. My geography isn’t all that great, but, I live pretty much in the middle of Los Angeles, Chinatown to be exact, and I can tell you, that the city of Anaheim or the stadium the Angels play at, is nowhere near me. In fact, on a good day, it takes me close to an hour to drive to your Anaheim (not LA) stadium. Your stadium is in, whats referred to as, the OC. Orange County. They call it that because, its not Los Angeles County.

2. Did you know that Los Angeles is Spanish for the City of Angels. If you call yourself, the Los Angeles Angels, aren’t you being redundant? I’m just saying.

3. I’m Chinese-American and pretty proud of that. I’m not keen when people say “hey, whats with your crazy dictator with the bad hair cut?” I don’t know, I’m not North Korean. Or “hey Bill, does your mom make great teriyaki?” Again, I dont’ know. Mr. Moreno, you are, Mexican-American? You certainly wouldn’t want to be confused with being Peruvian or Salvadorian. They are rich in their ethnic culture as well but there’s a certain amount of pride in being who you are. And really, the Angels should be proud to be who they are, and thats the Anaheim Angels.

If you like to discuss this further, I invite you to make the ride up to…Los Angeles and share a plate of roast duck with me.


PS: And don’t get me started on those damn Dodgers.

8 thoughts on “Identity Crisis”

  1. If the New York Jets can play in New Jersey, anything’s possible.

    When I think of Anaheim, the first phrase that pops to mind is definitely “rich in their ethnic culture.”

  2. There was a billboard I drove past on Monday on La Brea that said “City of Angels,” with “Angels” being the Angels logo.

  3. I think the Dodgers are missing a merketing goldmine by not becoming the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles. Or the Giants becoming the New York Giants of San Francisco. And the Raiders can become the Oakland Raiders of Los Angeles… of Oakland. Not to mention the Rams can re-extend their reach back to the west coast by becoming the St. Louis Rams of Los Angeles Before They Moved To Anaheim. And then there’s Cleveland… Someone stop me.

  4. I heard the Mayor of Anaheim on the radio today, and he was pointing out that the Angels play their games in a city stadium.

    If Moreno truly believes that adopting the name of a major city will improve his team’s fortunes, let’s hope he doesn’t buy the Green Bay Packers and change their name to the North Chicago Packers.

  5. On a good day, I can make the trip to Anaheim in 35 minutes. Bad days took an hour to an hour and a half

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