Bad Timing Dept.

tsunami-bench.jpgI made a Vons run today instead of hitting my usual grocery store (where I snapped this), but as of Friday, I was still seeing these benches in multiple places around town. Creepy-sad…

4 thoughts on “Bad Timing Dept.”

  1. haha, i’ve seen them a bunch of times. they’re a norcal band that tours a lot in LA. sucks to be them right now, kind of like when the coup dropped their album on september 11th.

  2. Reminds me of that Dream Theater disc, “Live Scenes From New York.” They had the misfortune of releasing on or about 9/11/01 (I can’t recall exactly.) The cover art featured a large apple bound in barbed wire, topped by the NYC skyline (including the WTC) in flames. I think it immediately went out of print, and has been re-released with different cover art.

  3. I think also Anthrax kinda had to live with the fact that the real thing was going around a couple years back.

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