Back To The Proverbial Grind…

2005_01_03_no_suvs.jpgSo with seemingly half the town back from the extended holiday vacations and New Year’s Eve make-out sessions (sometimes without their significant others), I find the prospect of tomorrow’s morning commute rather daunting.

Especially since last week’s commute was really amazingly free of traffic.

Even on the 405. Through the 101 interchange!

Adding insult to injury is the additional prospect of driving through the pouring freaking rain.

What a way to ring in the first week of work for 2005!

3 thoughts on “Back To The Proverbial Grind…”

  1. Or you could be home, nursing the first cold of the New Year. Ugh. From Day 3 of this, I think I’d rather be well and fighting traffic, rain or no rain…

  2. I’m starting a new job this week. Once I accepted I told them I would start on Tuesday. Thinking about it now, that’s probably the best decision I’ve made in quite some time.

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