Where’s The Party, Officer?

Sorry for the delay, but Isaac was serving Jello shots on the Lido Deck, and you just MUST see what Gopher does when he’s toasted.


When: Thursday, December 30. 8pm->????
Where: 4100 Bar, 4100 Sunset Blvd in beautiful downtown Silver Lake
Why: Because one day, bloggers might have a union of their own.
Who: YOU, silly.

Be there or be a rhombus.

Julie, your slightly inebriated Cruise Director

911? Hello?

My hubby and I were driving tonight when he turns onto fountain to get us home. Apparently, the hummer coming the other direction thought we were going too slow and decided to flash his brights at us– for about 30 seconds. One thing led to another, and this ridiculous driver followed us home. Eventually, I had to call 911 because this person was threatening us, etc. etc. Pretty standard LA stuff, especially coming from a driver of a Hummer, but when I called, just to be safe, I was immediately put on hold and told by a recording that my call was not an emergency. Somehow, I guess, this magical machine knew that we were not yet being pummeled by this huge, disgusting idiot. It somehow knew that he had not yet completely cornered us until his friends came and they all beat us into unrecognizable forms. My question is, how the f*ck did it know that, and why is it EVER okay for 911 to put someone on hold??? Also, is this only in L.A? Because that is just frightening.

The Taxalis are coming! The Taxalis are coming!

invite-taxali.jpgOkay, sure Caryn will blog about this, too, but she’s in Florida cut off from high-speed or something and everyone needs to mark their calendars NOW for the upcoming Gary Taxali show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery.

Gary uses found objects (old book covers, mostly, as far as I can tell) in his mixed-media pieces. They’re sophisticated and haunting and fun all at once, and I want to own every one I see. Think I’m kidding? Just wait. These paintings are like the art equivalent of crack cocaine, only your first taste is NOT free.

I will, of course, be there. However, I am freezing the rent money in some Tupperware before I go. Caveat browser…

La Luz de Jesus Gallery presents
“Chumpy’s Night-School”
New works by Gary Taxali

January 7th – January 30, 2005
Opening reception: Friday, January 7th, 8-11pm

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 666-7667


Detail from “Unfamous”, mixed media, ©Gary Taxali

Note: Next week, the works will be available for viewing on the La Luz web site.

Silent Night

Holidays in LAÖ This must be a taste of what it’s like to live in other cities. No one fighting for a parking space at the farmers market, cuzí the lot is half empty (unheard of!). The streets aren’t bumper to bumper. The freeway zips along. The restaurants are half full. No waiting in the checkout line at the store. Half the city must be on vacation! I canít decide if I love it or if itís just damn eerie.

You say “Theatre,” I say “Theater”

I saw the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City for the first time last night, in all its lit-up glory. I have to admit that my first thoughts were of the phallic resemblance, but then I thought, “It’s really a gorgeous theater.” Like much of the Culver City architecture, it features a historic look. Currently on stage is a play, The Paris Letter, which I’d see for the cast alone. With 320 seats, there’s probably not a bad view in the house.

Culver City is an interesting little city with interesting little theaters. The Culver City Mann is a great place to go to avoid movie crowds because most people are at the relatively new Pacific Culver Stadium. If you’re one of the many who see movies on Christmas Day, come on over to the west side. We won’t bite…very hard.

Whady’re New Year’s Plans?

Dave says in the comments:

I’m pretty sure this isnt the best place to ask this but here goes, what are some of the best things to do in LA for New Years? I’m a recent New York transplant so I was wondering other than the bar scene what goes on in LA the night the year starts anew?

So, here’s a better place to ask a good question. What the hell’s going on? What are you all doing for New Year’s? Is there anything cool to do? I think I might pay $45 for an open bar and all you can eat horis doovreys at El Guapo Cantina solely for lack of a better plan.

A Traditional Jewish Christmas

The family is coming to town so we can celebrate a traditional Jewish Christmas. What’s that you ask? Going to the movies and a chinese restaurant, of course.

The past few years, we’ve ended up at Madame Wu’s at the Grove. Which was, how can I put this delicately…crap. But the ol’ Madame has finally expired. So here’s my question for you: Do you have recommendations for chinese restaurants (or hell ANYWHERE) that will be open on Christmas Day?

As Mr. Broflovski the Younger once sang, “I’m a Jew. A lonely Jew, on Christmas.”

Believe It or Not: Not All Parking Officers Are Souless Vampires

I’ve been super busy lately, so my list of “things to post to bLA” is getting long. But I wanted to note this briefly before I forgot. As I’ve mentioned previously, I just moved into a new neighborhood. Mondays and Tuesdays are alternate No Parking/street sweeping days. The whole city’s covered in them, so I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. In my old pad, these things were the bane of everyone. I don’t think there was one person in my complex that hadn’t been ticketed at least once for forgetting to move thier car. In my new ‘hood, however, things are a bit different. I had been trying to figure out who in the hell was pulling up outside and honking their horn at the beginning of every week. This morning I finally realized, the parking officers in my neighborhood actually honk in front of the houses that still have cars parked out front at street sweeping time. So you can come out and move it before they write you a ticket. Now that’s public service.


HEY LOSERS, USERS, SCUMBAGS, ABUSERS, HEADBANGERS, EARTHDOGS, SKATEDOGS, GOTHS, ROCKERS, METALHEADS, FUCK-UPS, DIRT MERCHANTS, ACID CASUALITIES, DEGENERATES, HIPPIES, GEEKS, SCOUNDRELZ, FRUITCAKES, DROPOUTS, SLUGS, SLOBS, PUNKS, CRACKHEADS, PILL-POPPERS, JERKS, STONERS, SLUTS, HAIR FARMERS, SPEED FREAKS, E-HEADS, CRUSTIES, RAVERS, ADDICTS, AND WEIRDOS….. Now there is a night for people who like music. That’s right every Wednesday (starting on January 5th 2005) at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood we’re throwing a FREE / ALL AGES night with cheap drinks called DIVEBOMB. A couple bands will play live every week as well as guest DJS. To start things off on January 5th, divebomb will be having a party for WIRES ON FIRE to celebrate the official release of their record “Homewrecker” (which hits stores on January 18th or you can buy it now at Amoeba in Hollywood or from the bands live shows). 30 free copies of “Homewrecker” will be given out at the show and the guest DJ will be Keith Morris (Circle Jerks/Black Flag). Don’t blow it, show up. (7021 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 209 Hollywood , CA 90028 323 463 0204)