Where There’s A Wil…

Listening to KPCC (89.3 FM) on my way in to work this wet Wednesday morning, a plug for today’s line-up of guests on the station’s show “Airtalk” (10 a.m. – noon) included our very own Wil Wheaton who will be onair to chat about quantum physics, nanotechnology, his recent ascent of K2, dog grooming tips, his gorgeous wife, as well as to solicit signatures for his petition to legally force William Shatner to change his name to William Fucking Shatner. Plus I’m sure he’ll make some minor mention of his book “Just A Geek.” If there’s time. After the Texas Hold’em tutorial.

6 thoughts on “Where There’s A Wil…”

  1. I had a funny feeling I’d be hearing from you, Jacky. You know what’s funny? Not that I wrote it to get an attaboy from him, but Wheaton never saw (or perhaps just never chose to acknowledge) that first impassioned post of mine about giving his book a chance. Funnier still, after I finished his book ó while an enjoyable read ó I couldn’t help but agree a little with the sentiments you expressed. But keep your itoldyaso’s to yourself ya skinfarmer!

  2. Oh hey there Wil.

    The September post I mention in the comment to Jacky above can be found here:


    Jacky Treehorn opened the comments to that one with some smarm about me as a fanboy of the lowest order, and kidded about my future as your PR hack with tthis post as well.

    Anyway, I enjoyed hearing you on KPCC with Pat Morrison and thought it was a great interview. Enjoyed your book as well.

  3. Will: I totally missed that when you first wrote it. Thanks for the support (bloggish and book-buying-ish) :)

    Jacky: Are you as much of a flagrant asshole in real life as you are on blogging.la? Because holy shit, man. You’re a real fucker. I imagine that you must get your ass handed to you an awful lot, if you talk to people in real life the way you talk to people online.

    Why do I have this sneaking suspicion that you’re really just a coward who talks real tough behind his keyboard?

    Oh. Because you are. Get a life, jerk.

  4. Yikes, looks like there’s been a delayed reaction here. I can understand it, Wil, as I too got pretty frayed at Jacky’s initial comment to my first post.

    In his defense however, things rapidly mellowed from there and he’s been quite the considerate commenter of late, as evidenced by the amicable tone in his comment above. Given some of the aggro commenters I’ve had to deal with (especially of late) I’d have to say Jacky gets high marks from me and isn’t at all as bad as that initial comment way back in September might have led you to believe. If anything Wil, I apologize for mentioning it and thus getting you upset and bringing heat on Treehorn. Well, that’s my two cents.

    Happy New Year to you Wil and to Jacky as well.

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