Back in November I blogged about a traffic problem downtown. (check out that fancy diagram) It wasn’t too long before Doane Liu from the Mayors Office cc’d me on a note to the DOT referencing the post and asking them to take a look at it. It was a pretty hefty request and honestly I didn’t expect much to come of it. Turns out I was wrong – he just forwarded me this file (676 K PDF) from the DOT which explains they have looked into it, determined it is a problem, and will be installing a left hand turn signal at that light. Wow.

OK, what’s the next thing we need to get fixed? ;-)

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  1. Nice. Now if we can get the male hookers off the corner of Sanborn and Sunset by Circus of Books.

  2. I am documenting the potholes on Wilshire this week. The storms tore up that road. I found six between Fig and Highland in the #2 WB lane alone…and EB between Fairfax and LaBrea there are too many to count. Basically whole sections of the road should be repaved. But when I tried calling 311 from my cellphone to report a pothole (as suggested by Herr Liu once), the service is unavailable. Maybe the City should establish a cell-phone ready 311 line too!

  3. Hey Boifromtroy – Give me a break. 3-1-1 is available to Nextel, Sprint, Verizon and Cingular customers (while operating their mobile phones within the City of Los Angeles). AT&T was the last hold out. Hopefully, now that they have merged, AT&T customers will enjoy the same service that Cingular customers have for over a year. I know you love to bash the City, but this time AT&T Wireless was the bad guy.

    If you happen to find yourself outside of city limits (e.g., West Hollywood)– or are an AT&T customer — you can dial (213) 978-3231 or toll free at 1-866-4LACITY. 3-1-1 will work from most land lines in the city, also.

    By the way, if you do happen to report those potholes to 3-1-1, the Bureau of Street Services will usually repair actual potholes ( within 24 hours. Larger repairs or skin patches will take up to 5 business days. This week may take a little longer due to the wet weather, since the repair area needs to be dry to be most effective.

    Kampf an.

  4. Per Bill Robertson, head of Bureau of Street Services:

    We completed the potholing on the afternoon of 12-30-04 at the following locations:

    2300 blk of Wilshire – four locations
    2600 blk of Wilshire – four locations
    2900 blk of Wilshire – four locations
    I/S of Wilshire & Catalina – one location
    I/s of Wilshire & Normandie – one location

    Over the New Year weekend and through yesterday our priority has been addressing mud slides and mud in the street reports. We are now addressing the huge backlog of pothole locations created by the most recent storm. Wilshire will be re-inspected and potholed again today.

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