Not in Kansas anymore

Did anyone see/hear the tornado warning issued last night for Catalina Island, Huntington Beach, Torrance and other locations throughout Los Angeles County? I was watching tv and it came scrolling across the screen, complete with instructions on what to do if you’re caught in it while driving or walking. (Walking? In a thunderstorm? People have to do that? Really? Yikes.)

Here’s an article about the weather wackiness, including the following:
“Weather service officials today confirmed that a weak tornado struck Inglewood early this morning and were looking for evidence of tornadoes in Long Beach, Norwalk and the Whittier Hills.”

5 thoughts on “Not in Kansas anymore”

  1. If you want the lowdown on how susceptible to tornadoes L.A. really is, I’d recommend reading Mike Davis’ “Ecology of Fear.” While we certainly don’t get anything along the F5s of Tornado Alley, Davis shows what a long and hush-hush history we have with twisters.

  2. Remember the scene in The Day After Tomorrow where two massive tornadoes tore through downtown LA? I couldn’t help but think of that scene yesterday when I heard about this.

  3. But Ecology of Fear is largely bogus–please don’t think it’s fact. Will–do you really think the MSM has been covering up killer twisters?

    And, if you live on Catalina, you might very well be walking.

  4. Rachel,

    Thanks for the note about Catalina Island. I’ve never actually been there so I didn’t realize it was a pedestrian community.

    I feel bad for anyone who has to walk (or even drive) in the crazy rainstorms we’ve been having. It’s no fun.

  5. Rachel, I agree there’s a lot of bogusity in Davis’ work (and no I don’t believe in any orchestrated cover-up), but he does do a good job of detailing the long relationship between L.A. and tornadoes.

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