No L.A.

I read about the Adidas 35th anniversary Superstar: Cities Series on Josh Rubin’s blog. To celebrate this anniversary, this series includes 7 customs dedicated to the cities most responsible for making the Superstar a success.

They are Berlin, London, Paris, NY, Boston, Tokyo & Buenos Aires. Each design features a trademark unique to each city.

Oh well, it’s not like I’d have bought “I *adias logo* L.A.” Superstars, anyway. I wonder what “trademark” L.A. shoes would’ve had though.

6 thoughts on “No L.A.”

  1. Damn you joz…the less people who know about these shoes, the better. I might be standing in line for one of the 35th anniversay edition. Oops, did I just write that out loud?

  2. Those are ugly. Thank GOD there isn’t a LA version. All the “trendsetters” here would flaunt them, and I would have to throw up in their John Deere trucker cap (which i did see someone wearing last night at the Rustic, who’s friend was wearing Uggs, or whatever those nasty boots are.)

  3. Jim. the actual reason the LA version did not make it past the prototype was not the yellow silicone implants but the light spray of brownish paint applied over the implant.


  4. The only Adidas 35th anniversary shoes available will be the consortium series (which is shown on the site). The city series are suppose to be available at footlocker et al. Or so my source says.

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