Raining something or another…

Waking up to the busy construction work of rain, even my cat stayed away from the window to avoid seeing her friends and rivals splatter the pavement. Me, I’m wondering about where to eat, after all, weather like this lends itself to a different los angeles atmosphere and appetite – almost as if looking for comfort food after a particularly hard breakup, a month away from home or catching a cold. Barbeque pork fried rice from Sam Woo’s in chinatown would work. Spaghetti and sausage from Andre’s on third is good. Or mushroom soon do boo from that korean place in the corner of the strip mall at Vermont and Olympic (how come no one ever knows the name of that place?). How about chicken noodle soup from Jerry’s deli. Where to eat where to eat. I’ll go back to bed and sleep on it for a little bit longer. Hope it rains the rest of the week, there’s a lot of good food waiting.

Anyone have their favorites?

3 thoughts on “Raining something or another…”

  1. Steaming hot Kimchi Soon Tofu at the BCD Tofu House just west of Wilshire and Normandie in Korea Town. It’ll warm you up inside and out.

  2. Our rainy day food is freshly baked cookies.

    If I were to choose a place to eat out on a rainy day, I’d go for Musso & Franks. Pricey, but still the best place in Hollywood.

  3. Soybean? Is that new? But that dish sounds yummy! I don’t usually hit the westside for chinese food except for ocean star on wilshire. I find most of the stuff their overpriced but thats relative since I live in chinatown and can get good cheap food here.

    Musso & Franks. You know, considering hollywood is somewhat a hubnub of activity, there’d be better restaurants in that area.

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