Silent Night

Holidays in LAÖ This must be a taste of what it’s like to live in other cities. No one fighting for a parking space at the farmers market, cuzí the lot is half empty (unheard of!). The streets aren’t bumper to bumper. The freeway zips along. The restaurants are half full. No waiting in the checkout line at the store. Half the city must be on vacation! I canít decide if I love it or if itís just damn eerie.

6 thoughts on “Silent Night”

  1. Yeah, I love that feeling. It’s like one of those disaster movies where everyone else in the world was done in by a comet or radiation. The city is ours and ours alone. At least until we meet the lurking zombies.

  2. Half the city is in Mexico. They’re not all in Aspen. Sorry to sound mean, but this is a real newbie-notice something other than your own navel thing. You should see what San Diego’s border crossing point is like.

  3. I love it. When I can drive from the Porn Capital of the World to Westwood in 20 minutes, and on the 405 no less, you know it’s a great drive!

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