You say “Theatre,” I say “Theater”

I saw the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City for the first time last night, in all its lit-up glory. I have to admit that my first thoughts were of the phallic resemblance, but then I thought, “It’s really a gorgeous theater.” Like much of the Culver City architecture, it features a historic look. Currently on stage is a play, The Paris Letter, which I’d see for the cast alone. With 320 seats, there’s probably not a bad view in the house.

Culver City is an interesting little city with interesting little theaters. The Culver City Mann is a great place to go to avoid movie crowds because most people are at the relatively new Pacific Culver Stadium. If you’re one of the many who see movies on Christmas Day, come on over to the west side. We won’t bite…very hard.

2 thoughts on “You say “Theatre,” I say “Theater””

  1. I mean, for movies.
    You know, to watch.
    You know, not in Culver City.
    (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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