17 thoughts on “At some point isn’t easier to walk?”

  1. So….let me see….you photograph this person from a distance and blur his face and then make a joke about him? How self serving of you.

  2. I really hope that’s scarcasm i detect or else i may have to give up hope that Angelinos can take a joke.

  3. Actually, I find Jim’s blurring of the rider’s face to be an act of consideration for the subject and not at all “self-serving.”

    In fact, what I find self-serving is people who flaunt some sort of humorless moral indignation and lamely try to guilt those of us who would dare find the funny so readily apparent in such an image.

    I mean come on: it’s a grown man on a little girl’s bike replete with training wheels and a flat tire. To Exeter it’s a social outrage that I dare chuckle at such a sight instead of despair for the dude’s plight? Lighten up!

  4. Oh jeez honky…..its total cliche! Your response is white mans guilt. Blank me dude.The image is cliche as well. It like…the photographer found this humorous? Its banal pal. Like your response. Why would someone stop to take and image like this and find it necessary to post it and think it warrants viewing?
    Bet you voted for Scwartz too. Chump.

  5. I would find it most appropriate to contact the blurred person and ask him his opinion. Is that possible? thanks.

  6. Here’s the story. I’m driving to work this morning and I stop at the traffic light. I look up at the corner, I see this guy, and snap a photo. The light turns green and I drive away. I thought that it was funny because it really looked like more trouble than it was worth. I blurred his face because I didn’t have his permission and the bike was funnier than the face.

  7. Blogging rule #1: never argue with a troll.

    Oh well, I’m happy to break rules. I know that I can’t convince you that this is not about race, it’s about a grown man on a busted down kids bike with a flat tire. But I can assure you that if I want to make fun of a person I would much rather make fun of a fat white liberal film director from art school (see above).

    p.s. I try to avoid having anybody coocking my lunch.

  8. You morally outraged people need to get a life. I’m a college student working two jobs trying to make ends meet in this city, and I find it FUNNY!! Not because he’s less fortunate, or Mexican (if in fact that’s what he is), or whatever, but because it’s funny!! And to you,Tapatio- if you think the picture is prejudice, look at what you just wrote- do you know anything about any of us? No, but you assume we’re all art students, which by the way, is NOT a bad thing, then you attach all these stupid, totally false stereotypes to it, then you think you still have the right to say anything after being such a prejudiced a-hole? I don’t think so!And to say that any one race makes this town run is just pathetic, kind of like your entire post, huh, Tapatio? Get a life, dude.

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